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Door Furniture Affiliate Program FAQ     Click Here to Join

Q. Why should I become a affiliate?
A. is an established quality website with a fast growing customer base. By signing up to become an affiliate for us you will be generating revenue for your own site as well as for ours, plus for every sale we receive as a referral from your site, we pay you money!

Q. Will it cost me to join?
A. Affiliate Window will charge an approval fee of �5 to review your site/application. Following approval, this charge will be credited to your affiliate account immediately and will be paid back to you with your first affiliate payment. To become an affiliate for for most sites is therefore absolutely FREE. You don't pay us, we'll be paying you! However, please bear in mind that payment does not automatically guarantee inclusion as an affiliate and in the case that your site/application is rejected you will not receive the application review fee back.

Q. How do I join?
A. You can simply click on the button below. This will take you to Affiliate Window, one of the UK's leading affiliate network operators who administer our program for us. We regret that we are unable to accept overseas affiliates at the present time.

Q. How does it work?
A. Once you have joined our affiliate program, you will be sent a unique URL which will allow us to track any visitors that have come to our website via yours. You will then receive commission from any sale that your visitor makes. Even if the visitor doesn't buy on that first visit, don't worry, our program keeps a record for 30 days ensuring that if he or she returns to purchase within the 30 days of that first visit, you will still receive your commission.

Q. How will my visitors link to
A. We will provide numerous banners, product and text links that you can swap and change to suit your site's image. These will be various sizes so you can be sure you will find something to suit your requirements. We advise that you update these links regularly.

Q. What support will I receive from
A. We will email you with a regular newsletter advising you of any product updates or changes to our site. We will advise on anything we think you could do differently to generate more business. If you need any help or extra information you can contact us at and we promise that you will receive a swift and personal response.

Q. What are's responsibilities?
A. Our responsibilities are to ensure that every sale we receive as a referral from your website is dealt with professionally and efficiently. We are aware that the service we provide reflects on you and your website and so are committed to providing the best service your visitors can expect to receive.

Q. How much commission will I earn and when do I get paid?
A. The commission you earn is based on the amount of sales generated from your website. Our standard commission rate is 5% but this can be increased. The more sales you refer, the more money you earn! Please note that commission cannot be earned on any delivery charges. Also commission will be deducted from any sales that are returned. Our affiliates are paid monthly, one month in arrears, from Affiliate Window with a minimum credit value of �25. If your commission is below this amount, then this will be added to your sales from the following month until you are above the minimum amount. Affiliate payments are normally sent out 3 weeks after the end of every month.

Q. Can I check my earnings online?
A. Yes, you will be given an affiliate ID number and password by Affiliate Window to log into your administration area. All sales and pending sales are in real time, you can see what you have earned and when.

Q. What am I waiting for?
A. What are you waiting for! Click and sign up to join our affiliate program today. Remember the sooner you join, the sooner you start earning money for nothing!!

Bernards makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in our FAQs is correct and accurate. We can however accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions or their subsequent effects. Indeed if you find any please let us know, we appreciate any advice or comments to improve these pages.

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